Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Airport Retail Trends in Asia-Pacific, 2012–2013

The average expenditure on food and beverages per visit to airport outlets is US$12.5.
London, September 4, 2012 – According to a new Canadean survey, a total of 56% and 75% of respondents shopped at duty-free and duty paid shops respectively, 3 times or less in the last six months (reference graph below). 

A noticeable growth in passenger traffic and increased shopping while travelling is emerging as a realistic platform for retailers and airport operators in generating additional revenue. 56% and 58% of male and female respondents respectively, identified that their average shopping frequency at duty-free shops was ‘3 times or less’ within the last six months. 41% and 53% of respondents stated that they had spent at least 15 minutes per visit at duty-free and duty paid airport retail stores respectively.

Of all respondents, 47% confirmed that they spent between ‘16–30 min’ per visit eating and drinking in airport lounges, followed by 20% of respondents who recognized that they had spend ‘31–45 min’ on food and beverage consumption at airport outlets. In addition, 44% of respondents contributed ‘less than 5%’ towards shopping at airport retail stores within the last six months, while 18% confirmed that between ‘5%–10%’ of their overall shopping volumes was accomplished at airport retail outlets.
Overall, 49% of respondents spend between ‘US$51–US$150’ per visit at duty-free airport retail shops; while 32% spend ‘less than US$25’ per visit. In total, for 47% of respondents aged ‘less than 30’ years, total expenditure on food and beverages in an airport lounge is between ‘US$5–US$10’ per visit in 2012. In addition, 48% of respondents in the age group ‘30–40’ years noted that they spent between ‘US$11–US$20’ per visit.

Of all respondents, 46% and 38% respectively spent ‘less than US$10’ each on ‘stationery and cards’ and ‘printed media’ per visit. Moreover, 48% of respondents spend US$10–US$25 on ‘food and non-alcoholic beverages’, while 55% of respondents spent ‘more than US$100’ on ‘jewelry, watches and accessories’ per visit.

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